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Robert Chapin--Actor, Writer, Fight Choreographer, InstructorActor... Writer... Fight Choreographer... Instructor...

With twenty five years of experience in stage combat, Robert Chapin has worked with some of Hollywood's finest stuntmen, combat choreographers, and directors including Steven Spielberg ("Hook"), Sam Raimi ("Army of Darkness"), Mel Brooks ("Robin Hood:  Men in Tights"), and Penny Marshall ("Renaissance Man").  He has trained with stars such as Placido Domingo, Robin Williams, David Hasselhoff, John Saxon, Marc Singer, Richard Grieco, Richard Lynch, Mike Norris, James Lew, Olivier Gruner, Jeff Conaway, Raye Hollitt, Tessie Santiago, and Angelica Bridges.

As an actor, Robert trained with noted LA acting coach Larry Moss.  His credits include starring roles in "Ring of Steel" (MCA/Universal), "Dragon Fury I & II," and leading roles in "Night of the Hyena," "Lancelot: Guardian of Time," and "Sinbad: The Battle of the Dark Knights."

Robert initially studied music in college and continues to be an accomplished singer and songwriter, proficient in piano and guitar.  He soon discovered the stage and studied acting, developing his skills in swordplay and stage combat by performing at renaissance fairs and live shows across the country. He has benefited from a variety of formal stage combat training programs, including the Academy of Theatrical Combat in Los Angeles, The Ring of Steel and Royal Chessmen in Miami, and studying with martial arts masters Hee Il Cho, Dan Inosanto, and Eric Chen.  Certified with the Societies of American, British, and Canadian Fight Directors, Robert is also a trained gymnast, stuntman, and horseman.

Robert continues to develop his many skills, working behind the camera as a fight choreographer, second unit director, and writer with several projects currently in development. This includes his latest venture, The Hunted - an internet action series described as a cross between "Buffy" and "Cops."

In addition to his other talents, Robert holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and frequently works as a visual effects artist, creating effects for such feature films as "American Beauty," "Armageddon," "Devil's Advocate," and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon."

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