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Swing City Mark-2 features a 6 ring traveling ring set constructed out of scaffolding and speed rail. The rig is 40' long, 30' wide, and 19' high (beach rig is 18' high) with 8' distance between rings and 20' clearance between poles (beach rig is 16')

Cars and trucks are placed specifically to block wind and define group boundary.

Individual mason scaffold units are 5' x 8' x 6'4" high, 3 units per tower (19' high) and six towers for the rig. 20' steel pipe anchors the towers together with 22' putlogs and braces to span the 20' gap. The entire unit weighs approx 3500lbs and rents for approx $650 at Safway. Getting it there, however, is another story...

The rig also features a 3-4' takeoff deck, 20' Chinese pole, 20' aerial silk, p-bars, hi-bar, slacklines, vented overhead shade, misting area, 2 - 15' viewing platforms suitable for partner acro, and tons of poles to flag on.

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